RICK RAB is a NYC-via-Baltimore/DC based beatmaker / multi-instrumentalist / visionary / DJ / unemployed-architect.

Perhaps best known for his groundbreaking, though underappreciated, work in the experimental hiphop crew FOOD FOR ANIMALS (with FutureTimes DJ/label-master Max Dunbar), RICKY (nee Rabbit) has long been developing his dense sound-world: a place/plane where genres interact peacefully and opposing ideas coexist, cleverly woven together into rich tapestry: a "drug rug" you might even say. 

The album PRANCE is the fruit of these labors and experiences.  It takes cues from deep research into house/pop/dance/world music as well as hiphop; relying on synths/midi, live instrumentation & vocals (notably from Baltimore diva AMI DANG), and plenty of well-chosen samples.  It is lush and listenable, but still challenging and complex.




1. Sahara

2. Sleazy Leaves (Palace Mix)

3. I Got U

4. Livin Foul (Thug Mix)

5. Simular ft Ami Dang

6. Big Chord ft Ami Dang

7. Vanilli

8. Melisma/Highrise ft Ami Dang

9. Official (Palace Mix)

10. Livin Foul (Neutral Mix)

11. Liminal Being