Since forming in 2009, Baltimore native sons Dope Body have evolved on a truly logarithmic scale. Moving from stark, primitve punk-metal to genre-swallowing, unabashedly-90's-referencing, polyrhythmic brutes in less than two years, the band has created some kind of bizarre new standard for the mutant art-punk-beaster set.

Nupping, their debut full-length, manages to recall the best of the past thirty years of the heavier, more obtuse and rhythmically inventive end of punk rock (mathrock pigfuck et al), as well as the kind of formative-influence-stuff alot of current artsy, heavy bands don't wanna acknowledge: Rage, nu metal, Michael Jackson, the Beach Boys, and contemporary pop radio.




1. Enemy Outta Me

2. The Shape Of Grunge to Come

3. Bangers & Yos

4. Chain Link

5. Falling Down

6. City Limits

7. Mr Black

8. 100 Mile

9. Loner Stoner

10. Force Field