HOSS is proud to announce  arrival of DJ DOG DICK's debut LP, THE LIFE STAINS.  Though best known for his manifestly fried brand of noise-rap, the music of DJ DOG DICK has by now evolved into a complex tangle of influence and ambition; Max Eisenberg has been in the game for quite some time, and as his songwriting has evolved, so has his milieu. With THE LIFE STAINS, his debut LP, Eisenberg runs the ragged specter of avant-pop through an aged piss-barrell of rotting youth and romantic discontent, wielding all manner of hip-hop esoterica and splayed shards from the noise/post-punk /weirdo canon of musical idioms.  Produced and engineered by Eisenberg and HOSS label head Brad Hurst over three years in both Baltimore and New York City, THE LIFE STAINS is a singular collision of hi-fi studio polish and lo-fi grit featuring appearances from an ensemble cast of storied collaborators.

DJ DOG DICK (nee Max Eisenberg) has cultivated underground infamy for the last decade, coming up in the 2000's noise scene as a member of Nautical Almanac. Since, Eisenberg has maintained parallel lives as both a top-flyte home-brew modular synthesist (recording as DOG SYNTH), and as one-half of DOG LEATHER (alongside SEWN LEATHER), reigningenfant terribles of the noise-rap non-scene. With THE LIFE STAINS, DJ Dog Dick takes his rightful place as the reigning slime-pop auteur mutante of our age. 




1. Our Kin

2. Hello Cruel World

3. Rot Is Hot

4. Dried Old Leaves

5. Pedigris

6. Monkey

7. Raggedy Man

8. Grease That I Got

9. 4h Of July

10. Poltergeist

11. Sharing Scars

12. Geordie 

13. Why's A Dog?